Specialty Lumber Pricing

Premium Rough Sawn Alaskan Cedar, Port Orford Cedar, Sitka Spruce, Alder

Rough sawn lumber both boards and cants.  Pricing shown below are for Retail Sales based on total Board Feet purchased.   All lumber requires a custom shipping quote.  Once approved we will email you an invoice that you can pay Online before product is cut and shipped.

We stock on the ground in Alaskan Yellow Cedar 10″ and 12″ wide 8/4″ lumber.  Sitka Spruce is generally 9″ wide stock 8/4″ (FAT) and lengths up to 15 feet.  All of our AYC and Sitka Spruce is quarter sawn Old Growth first generation cut lumber.

Port Orford Cedar and premium grade Alder boards vary in widths and lengths.  Port Orford Cedar is hard to get and each order is specific to quotes generated

Please note – this is not an exact science as no two boards are the same nor are any two orders.  We do our very best to provide you with a fair pricing structure for your order based on available sourcing of the product.

Product Description

This page is dedicated to rough sawn Alaskan Cedar, Port Orford Cedar, Sitka Spruce & Alder lumber.  All of out stocked boards are generally 6″ wide up to 12″ in some species and 8/4″+ thick.  Lengths currently in stock are up to 14 feet in length.  This is Old Growth first generation cut lumber.  All of our Alaskan Yellow Cedar and Sitka Spruce boards are VG tight vertical grained Rough Cut boards.  Port Orford Cedar and Alder varies from board to board.

Music Quality Lumber

Because we provide lumber for those in the Native American Flute building community and Luthiers of all types we seek the finest quality lumber that produces boards with excellent tone wood qualities.  Our Alaskan Cedar and Sitka are awesome for just about any custom project.

Wholesale Pricing

Wholesale pricing is available for those who are able to provide a copy of a current Resale Permit for your state.  Simply email us a copy of your permit to “sales@jacksonholetim.com” and put “WHOLESALE INQUIRY”  in the subject line.  All quotes are sent to you via email.


  • 0 – 5 Board Feet – $22.39 per board foot (Single Board Pricing)
  • 6 – 12 Board Feet – $21.02 per board foot
  • 13 – 24 Board Feet – $20.65 per board foot
  • 25 – 50 Board Feet – $19.90 per board foot
  • 50+ Board Feet requires custom quote

Milling Upcharges

We will ship any size boards, no order is too small.  We do not charge a cutting fee to cut your rough lumber order to length.  Additional services are available such as re-sawing, surfacing, sizing, drum sanding, jointing.  Current upcharges for these types of services are now based on pricing below:

  • EACH Milled ORDER will be charged a Blade Fee of $35 per order.
  • ALL CUSTOM ORDERS regardless of size will be billed at a SHOP TIME FEE based on $75 per hour.
  • Each order will be billed on a minimum time of 30 minutes and billed the the quarter hour unless a shop fee quote is provided.
  • All cut orders include a 10% waste charge based on Board Feet
  • Packing Fee for each order based on materials and time required to properly prepare order for shipment.  Packing fee are to be quoted per order.


Individual Board Pricing

We do offer the ability to shop individual boards and billets for those seeking something that might be more specific to your next projects needs.  Most of these individual boards and billets are surface 2 and 4 sides.

CLICK HERE for our Boards and Billets page


The rates above DO NOT include shipping costs.  In general Old Growth AYC, POC and SITKA weigh in around 3 lbs per board foot.  Shipping is in addition to the board foot pricing.

Rough lumber requires special handling prior to shipment.  To purchase lumber boards each order is specifically quoted based on your needs.  Call or email with questions.  Email to “sales@jacksonholetim.com” or call (307) 690-0427.

Rough Lumber Boards Quote Form

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