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Lumber is back at Jackson Hole Tim!  We have specialized in Old Growth sustainably harvested Alaskan Yellow Cedar since 2004.  Our Genesis was in the parts business supplying specialty lumber for the Native American Style flute community.  We sell both rough sawn stock to finished flute blank kits for weekend warriors, hobbyists, and professional builders.

Today we sell all types of Alaskan Yellow Cedar much of which we stock on the ground in the form of premium cedar boards that feature natures perfect vertically sawn grain.  Boards come in lengths up to 14+ feet in length and most inventory is in the 8 – 10 inch in width and 8/4 thick stock.


Just landed on our yard is this bunk of 12″ inch wide by 8/4″ vertical grain Alaskan Cedar.  These boards represent the best Mother Nature can muster.  Perfect for Native American Flute Stock, Guitar tops, bottoms, necks and more.  If you build specialty furniture, relief carvings, turnings this is beautiful stock.  Watch for boards as we add to inventories.  Available now in rough sawn or for a fair upcharge we can surface them before we ship.

Clear VG Doug Fir Available

We have sourced a mill that can provide the finest VG (Vertical Grain) Old Growth Dough Fir.  This is a special order Item for now.  This quality of VG Douglas Fir is as good as it gets.  Milled from very large trees harvest from the Pacific Northwest where they grow big.

If you are looking for the best in construction lumber – mainly premium clear vertical grain cut boards reach out to us and we will get you a delivered price.  This product is about as good as it gets in specialty domestic timber.

Family Owned and Operated

Jackson Hole Tim is family owned and operated from Afton Wyoming here in the Yellowstone Basin.  Our small farm shop sits in-between the east and west mountain ranges of Star Valley Wyoming.  Early next spring we hope to build a new Farm Shop Store that you can stop by especially for those who travel through the Yellowstone Basin during our beautiful Summer months.

Three Markets Served

We are small but mighty in our ability to meet the needs of the hobbyist, semi-professional and fulltime professional craftsman.  We maintain enough stock on the ground here in Wyoming to meet the needs of most all 3 customer types.

Purchase a single board or billet up to larger quantities of lumber in various sizes.  No job is too small or too big for us to help you find the best Alaskan Yellow Cedar available for your next project.  Our focus is providing old growth stock in smaller quantities so that the average craftsman can seek and find the best quality Alaskan Cedar being harvested today, even in very small quantities.

If you are a flute builder, luthier, turkey call maker, relief carver, lathe turner, bird carver, cabinet or furniture maker and if you have ever worked with species as fine as Alaskan Cedar before then we may be a good fit and resource for your next project.

How To Shop Our Lumber

JHT Lumber is presented on this website in many formats.  We offer Boards and Billets of many sizes and many individual pieces will be priced for purchase for that specific item with an image of the actual product available.  In addition we offer product specific to the Native American Flute Building community which includes flute making stock, pre-bored flute blank sets, billets that are ready to production or the lather.  In addition we sell stock for fetish design and some of our flute blank stock is presented in both billet and precut formats and some with end cap stock chosen and produced here in our shop.

Wood Carving Supplies

We offer wood that we label as Hobby Lumber and this is generally wood that is surfaced and drum sanded in various widths, lengths and thickness.  Some boards will be list on more than one page such as Flute Stock page and Hobby Lumber and Billets page.

Rough stock lumber is defined as lumber that is rough sawn 4 sides but have not been surfaced to dimension.  This lumber is priced solely by the board foot and shipping costs.  The more board feet purchased in a single order the lower the cost per board foot and the more cost effective shipping becomes.  We offer both retail and wholesale rates.  All wholesale rate require a resale permit for your state on file with JHT.

Limited Milling Available

For an upcharge we can cut to length, surface and fabricate your boards to fit your needs prior to shipment.  Typical milling would be boards purchase and milled to specified thickness and or widths.  We can surface and if need be drum sand the board surface(s) before it leaves our shop.

All wholesale purchases will require a personalized quote for the lumber and the shipping to your location.  As we build this new part of our website feel free to reach out with questions using the form below.

JHT Lumber Quote Request Form


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