Jackson Hole Tim Millworks

We have been a supplier to the flute building community for more than 10 years.  One of the great things about milling flute blanks for those who seek quality for their next flute project is all the very cool lumber we come across.  We many times purchase as much as we can stuff into our trucks when we find something special.  We are not a lumber yard persey but we are a supplier of specialty cut or milled lumber for the hobbyist, flute builder, furniture maker, turkey call maker, fishing lure maker, wood turner and more.

Most of the specialty cut board and billets we stock are surfaced ready for you to cut.  We do not stock any one particular size and most of our boards will run 8′ and less in length.  All widths and all thicknesses with the majority being in the 1-2′ thick range.  We source mostly domestic stock seeking Old Growth first generation cut lumber.  Most all of our purchases of lumber are considered small by the lumber industry standard.

We also offer material cut for the the true hobbyist and we offer wood as thin as 1/16″ thin.  We source some of the highest quality Alaskan Yellow Cedar we can find.  Alaskan Yellow Cedar is the perfect wood to mill into small very thin boards that can be used by the hobbyist such a model makers.  AYC cuts and finishes well because of the very high number of growth rings found in each board.  AYC can be stained, lacquered, painted or finished with natural oils.

Flute Builder Supplies

In addition to Bison Leather , Catlinite beads, stones, elk cabochons and other flute making supplies we mill and stock a fairly large supply of solid billets, pre-cut blank sets, and pre-bored flute blanks ready for you to complete.  We cut all of our blank here in our shop and every blank that is finished in our drum sanders and shrink wrapped to protect each blank from damage and changes in weather.

View Actual Lumber Item Prior to Purchase

We are actively developing this section of our website and working on it daily.  Each item we list for sale is accompanied by an actual photograph of the item you are considering.  So you can view each item as well as we can represent it through photos and written description.  Below are our current links to our current listings of Blanks, Billets and Boards.

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