Handmade Jewelry

We do more than just flutes here in our shop. Most of the jewelry crafted here is directly influenced by where we live. The Great Yellowstone Basin. We try not to waste anything in our shop and so we keep most of our wood trims, broken stone, local antlers, silver and more.

Anything you find posted on our website are are more than likely one of a kind pieces. We inspired we find the right remnant and do our best to create a new and unique piece not to be found anywhere but right here.

One of our most popular here locally is our wooden feather like earrings. Handmade from different species, each hand finished to a high gloss and each set feature sterling silver findings. Extremely light on the ear and a favorite with both young and old.

Although jewelry is not our primary focus here we do enjoy coming up with unique designs and uses.

Catlinite Bead Necklace with Sterling Beads

Award Winning Functional Art

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