Hand Carved Grizzly Bear Curio

Living here in Jackson Wyoming one of the things we have plenty of is art galleries.  Although Jackson is considered one of the premier locations to find Western Art it does tend to be expensive.  So many bronzes to choose from with price tags in the many many of thousands to boot.  Even small bronze curios will start at $1,000 bucks.  This little project was something I have always wanted to do and it was directly inspired by my Grizzly Bear Flute Fetish I designed a couple of years ago. Truthfully this is one of my favorite whimsical totems I make.

I hate to waste anything from Mother Earth and the many wood trims left over from my flute projects are no exception.  This carving is a larger version of the totem you see here to the left.  It is simply designed to be a decoration piece and one that has a price point that is affordable.  Like most of my totem designs it is a bit whimsical in design yet you know exactly what it is when you see it.  In my mind this is a real representation of what I like to call “AUTHENTIC WYOMING!

The image to the right shows the scale of this little guy.  The candle is a typical two wick candle so you can see that it is not too big.  Overall dimensions are 4″L x 3″H x 2″W and should fit on just about any shelf or wall in your home or office.  Completely free hand carved from a solid piece of Red (Black) Walnut, no two will be the same.  And at a price point that is reasonable.  Who wants a one of these little guys?

$69.00 Plus Shipping

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