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After more than 10 years of being a soup chef Brock Jennings has taking his talent to the farm… Haderlie Farms that is.  Traditional crafted Grass Fed Beef Bone Stock and Farm raised healthy Chicken Bone Stock.  Crafted right here in Thayne Wyoming Haderlie Farms Stocks are a compilation of years of crafting Authentic Food in the kitchen, blessings from Mother Nature and well the contribution of the animals themselves.

Crafted using only the finest ingredients we can find most sourced right here in Wyoming much from right here on the farm.  Both the Beef and the Chicken Stocks are simmered with onions and other aromatics over a 36 hour period.  Haderlie Farms really wants their stocks to be an open canvas for you to use as you wish.  We want you to become the artist and use our stock as an open book to write your own recipes.

Both the beef and chicken stock have similar health properties to them.  Although the concentration of minerals from batch to batch can differ depending on the bones.  Our stocks can be used as a base for soups, stews, sauces and additions to any recipe.

Currently available for delivery within the Jackson and Star Valley areas, Haderlie Farms Soup Stocks are simply the best bone broths Mother Nature can muster.


Grass Fed Beef Bone Broth

We start with 100% Grass Fed Beef Bones sourced from local farms mostly within Wyoming and sometimes Idaho.  Created in the traditional French way we extract all the minerals, calcium, collagen, marrow, bbb_001amino acids, everything good that Mother Nature creates over a three+ day process.

We add some vegetables and special aromatics to enhance the flavor but the natural flavor of the beef comes through with amazing taste.  We add little to no salt during the process so the final product is as pure and natural as we can make it.  Simply taste and season accordingly.

Brocks Stocks Sauces from Bone BrothThere are so many uses for a premium quality Beef Bone Broth and it is the perfect starting place for your favorite beef based soups.  And lets not forget the health benefits of an elixir that is straight from Mother Nature herself:

  • Rich in minerals that support the immune system
  • Collagen heals the gut and joints by producing connective tissue
  • Reduces intestinal inflammation
  • Contains of 19 eash to absorb essential and non-essential amino acids.
  • Use as a soup base or sauce base, braise, or saute with Bone Broth,
  • Sip it for your own health benefits
  • Add flavor profiles to give your bone broth a flavor kick
  • Gluten-free, low sodium, Paleo Friendly, soy free

Beef Broth Pricing – By The Quart

  1.  Quart – $15.00 – ORDER BELOW
  2. Custom Orders (requires notice)

freilaufende Hhner auf Wiese

Farm Raised Whole Chicken Bone Broth

bunch of thyme isolated on white backgroundEverybody loves chicken broth.  Well we do too.  Very much like the Beef Bone broth our Chicken broth is extracted from whole farm raised chickens over a 30+ hour period.  Nothing but broth along with some vegetables and herbs.  Chicken Broth is such a staple for so many soups and sauces you just got to try ours.  You won’t be disaapointed

Chicken Broth Pricing – By The Quart

  1.  Quart – $15.00 – ORDER BELOW
  2. Custom Orders (requires notice)

Fresh Salsa – 3 to Choose From

Salsa Roja

Brock’s Salsa Rojas.  Chef Brock makes his signature salsa that so many of us love to enjoy… well on just about anything.  Chips, eggs, tacos, burritos, potatoes just about anything taste better with Brock’s Salsa Roja.  Available in 12 oz and Quart size containers.   Available on special order in larger quantities.

Salsa Roja is made fresh daily from as much locally sourced produce as possible.  Salsa Roja is a medley of Red Chilis, Tomato Sauces, Oregano,  Fresh Farm Garlic (when available), and Spices.

Roja Available in 12 & 32 oz sizes

  1.  12 oz $6.00 – order below
  2.  32 oz $15.00 – order below

Salsa Verde (Green)

One of Jackson’s favorites.  Hand crafted daily to order and made with fresh Tomatillos, Avocados, Cilantro, Onions, Serrano Chilies, fresh Lime and spices.

Verde Available in 12 & 32 oz sizes

  1.  12 oz $6.50 – order below
  2.  32 oz $15.85 – order below

Fresh Chunky Red Salsa

Brock’s fresh chunky red salsa is quickly becoming a favorite here in the Jackson Hole area.  Thick and chunky this salsa is great for just about anything you can think of.  Made with fresh Tomatoes, Jalapenos, Onions, Cilantro, Fresh Garlic, and spices.

Chunky Available in 12 & 32 oz sizes

  1.  12 oz $6.00 – order below
  2.  32 oz $15.00 – order below

This is the first of 3 salsas Brock now makes for sale.  Salsa Roja, Salsa Verde, Chunky Salsa Fresca…  If you want a sample of Brock’s Salsa Roja watch for him at the Haderlie Farms booth at the People’s Market on Wednesday,  Call (307) 880-8728 or email us @ “” for more information.

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  1. Call Peyton Jennings (in Jackson & Star Valley) @ (307) 880-8728 or Call the Farm Direct at (307) 883-7070
  2. Email us – “”
  3. Complete the Request Form at the bottom of this page

If you prefer to place your order by phone, email or the form below we can generate an invoice that we can email to you and you can pay Online prior to delivery.  Currently we only take CASH and CHECKS at the time of Delivery.  All Credit Card and PayPal payments are made when you order online or pre-pay your order via our emailed invoice.

We Deliver

We deliver directly to you or close to you several times per week at the stops below.  We also offer direct home delivery for an additional charge of $7.00.  Refer to Farm Match for Delivery times for locations listed below:

  • Haderlie Farms (at the farm)
  • Game Creek Mondays in Jackson
  • Healthy Being Juicery Thursdays in Jackson
  • Hoback Market Mondays in Hoback
  • Home Ranch Parking Lot Mondays in Jackson
  • Liquor Down South Mondays & Thursdays in Jackson
  • Meta Dittmer’s Home Mondays in Alpine
  • Owen Bircher Park Mondays in Wilson
  • Wilderness Building Thursdays in Pinedale
  • Peoples Winter Market Teton County Fair Grounds
  • Farmers Market Town Square Saturdays (Summer Only)

Wyoming Food Freedom Act

Truly home cooked broths produced in traditional ways right here in our home kitchen in Jackson Wyoming.  We adhere to strict guidelines for cleanliness and we do everything we can to make sure our broths are produced in a clean and safe environment.   Produced under the Wyoming Food Freedom Act our broths are produced in our private kitchen  and they are not licensed, inspected or certified.  All sales must be direct to the end user within the State of Wyoming… you.

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