Montpelier Idaho Schoolhouse

Idaho Schoolhouse

This image was captured in Montpelier Idaho in early Summer of 2018.  Just north of Bear Lake is a small junction where this schoolhouse and some say old church sits.  This building sits right on what was one of the major parts of the Oregon Trail that ran along the West side of Bear Lake.

This image is currently available for print in many mediums and formats.   A favorite size for this image is a 16×24 Metal Print that can be hung on the wall as is or framed for further enhancements to meet your decor.


16×24 Horizontal Format Metal Print

$149.00 Plus Shipping

Because there are so many variations of how this image can be reproduced please feel free to contact me by phone (307) 690-0427 or email me at ““.  If you prefer use the contact form below and share you thoughts and I will get back to you in timely fashion.

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