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For more than thirty five plus years I have been a health insurance broker with a passion for the arts.  My two personal favorite ways to pass the time have been to hand craft Native American Style Flutes, Pipes and other Plains Influenced art and Photography.  It is interesting what you can see and find through the lens of a camera.  Jackson Hole and the surrounding Yellowstone Basin is famous for many things some of which are hunting, fishing, camping, skiing and fishing.  Although I love to hunt my main weapon today is the digital camera.

“Sometimes when I am alone in the back country, I find a place and just sit and listen, I am amazed every time what unfolds right in front of me.  I can hear the wind speak to me and she whispers in my ear… everything will be just fine today – and I smile…”

It astounds me that no matter what day or time of the year I head out with my camera there is always something to photograph.  Although millions of people travel through here each year most never really experience what this region truly has to offer.

The grand vistas found here such as the stunning Teton Range are surely an inspiring place to take pictures. The seasons here in the Yellowstone Basin offer so many opportunities for incredible shots.  My goal is to continually seek them out and capture them on film.

Gallery Quality Images In Metal & Acrylic

Most of the images that I personally select I have printed on either Metal or with an Acrylic mount.  Purchase one or more of my images from the galleries posted throughout this site.   As my art has evolved I have worked towards producing the best final product available.  My images are representative of the canvas placed in front of me by Mother Nature.  These truly Gallery Quality prints are presented in stunning Metal and Acrylic Mounts.  With our Acrylic mounts use the finest Metallic Photo Paper face mounted between crystal clear acrylic and black sintra producing the finest in Acrylic and metal prints on the market.    All edges of each Acrylic Mount is also polished using a multi method to ensure a diamond shine adding a stunning finishing touch.

Order Digital Format & Print Yourself

Images found throughout this website are offered in several formats.  If you wish to save money and try printing the image yourself at your local print shop you can order from one of the four sizes below.  Each image is pre-formatted in 300 DPI and preset for the image size selected.

Once your order is paid for we will email you the final file in a JPG format that you can print from your home printer or take or upload to your local print shop to be processed.

Images are also offer in  Screensaver Formats for your laptop or desktop computer.  Here are some of the formats currently available for each image:

Print Yourself Image Sizes (inches @ 300DPI)

  • 4 x 6
  • 5 x 7
  • 8 x 10
  • 11 x 14
  • Large upon request

Screensavers (pixels @ 72DPI)

  • 3360 x 1600
  • 2560 x 1600
  • 1920 x1200

Website Images are available on request for commercial use.  Pricing will depend on the use of the image.  But I can assure you we want you to use our images so give us a try.  You may surprise yourself at the cost.

Costco Makes it Easy…

Costco is just one example of an easy way to purchase an image from me and use it right away.  Simply open your own Costco Photo Account (it’s free) and send me your login information.  We can then upload the images to your account and when complete you can select them from your Costco Image Gallery and use them to print any of the products available through Costco.   Simply select the medium, crop as necessary, pay for them online and pick them up at your local Costco.


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