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I am  easy to reach.  Below is my contact information:

Timothy Jennings
Phone:  (307) 690-0427
Location: Afton, Wyoming

Visit Our Studio Gallery This Summer

Opening May 1st 2019 through October 31st


Should you be traveling through Jackson Hole this summer please come visit me in my Studio Gallery located on our little ranch in Afton Wyoming.  We are easy to find as we are just south of the town of Jackson Hole in the town of Afton Wyoming  located in beautiful Star Valley.  We are just off the Main Street Afton 4.4 miles. Very early Spring we will post directions on how to get here.  If you are looking for a pleasant afternoon and you want to explore something outside of Jackson Hole then take the journey south approximately 1 hour and come view some of our art.

Please come spend a part of your day with us.   Enjoy a beverage complimentary on us while you visit.  We can also ship any purchase to your home or business so you don’t have to take it with you.  If you are interested please contact me via phone @ (307) 690-0427 or email me @ SALES@JACKSONHOLETIM.COM.  I would love to meet you…

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  1. are you still selling deft paint products? are you still finishing your flutes with this system? thanks, greg

    1. Hi Greg…

      Thank you for your message. Yes I still use the Deft products for my flutes. I really like the aerosol cans. However I no longer sell them as there are too many problems in shipping them. You are better suited to buy them locally. They can not go via air…

      1. Tim: I tried to order a router kit, pre-bored blanks and a non- bored kit and your web page treats each as separate orders resulting in a large shipping cost. How do I combine the items to save on shipping? Thanks. Greg Dillon.

  2. Hello Mr. Jennings, my name is Tom Johns and have always liked native american music.About year and a half ago I heard how easy it was to learn,so I started my journey.Our grandson has lots of bamboo in his front yard of which were my first attempts at making flutes.My first flute was a pvc flute I got at a flute circle.I’ve seen a lot how-to-make videos.I’ve just been starting to get wood flute blanks,and I sure would liked to have found a year ago.What finish is best is a difficult choice,and tuning holes.I have a 24″ 7/8 bore with a nice E.I would like to make an F or F# as I do not want to cut any length off. Is there any way to know where to put the holes without going to high. From cutting edge to foot is 16-1/2. For finish I hear oils, polyurethanes water-base and oil base clear lacquer,and I don’t know which would be the best protection for the flute. Any help you can give would be great. Thank you. My next order will be from you, an AYC and a Port Orford. Thank you again and have blessed day

    1. Hi John.. Thank you for your message. It is exciting to hear about your journey and path to the flute. You have asked some good questions and I will see if I can be of help to you

      With regards to the finish you use on your flute – that is a personal preference. I use DEFT Lacquers (aerosol) as they have a wide variety of choices from a good sanding sealer to different finishes and it is easy to repair an dings. Oils are good too and some people prefer an oil finish. When I am commissioned the buyer kind of drives the finish I use so it does vary. I don’t like polyurethane but that is just me.

      To build an F or F# you are more than likely going to start with a 7/8″ bored blank. Placement of your playing holes is not an exact science but here is a link to one of my education pages on that may be helpful to you.

      If this does not help get back to me. Basically your number #3 hole will be at the midpoint from the end of your flute to the cutting edge. You may adjust this depending on whether or not you will use 4 Winds Tuning Holes. Then you midpoint is from the center of the top 4 Winds hole to the Cutting Edge. Check out the above post and get back to me. Have a blessed day!

  3. P.S I also did not want to lose any of the wood aroma TomJohns

  4. Hello Tim, the juniper flute blank came sat. morning, what a beautiful stick of wood and a beautiful block of wood. That,s an awesome block of wood, thank you. Friday morning I looked on the postal tracking page and it just left Salt Lake City with an E.T.A.for today. Sat. morning I looked to see where it might be and it said it had been delivered to my house, I looked on the porch, and there it was, I was very surprised, that it got delivered so quick. Thanks again, I,ll be back soon. Have a blessed year.

    1. You are welcome Tom! Blessings…

  5. Hello Tim, Tom Johns again, hope this is your email, most of the time I’m not quite sure how to get around on a computer. I would like to get a couple more flute blanks. Can we make that happen?

    1. yes Tom… I will do what I can for you. I am trying to focus on my commission art in short. again

  6. I’m sure sorry to interupt anything your doing, let me know when a good time might be, and how would I tell you which blanks?

    1. call me at 307-690-0427 anytime Tom… no worries

  7. Hello. I just discovered your website. I am asking if you sell your pre-bored flute kits without any holes. No True Sound Hole, etc. Only the bore routed. Thanks.

    1. Hi Donald… thank you for your comment. Yes we can do that no problem. We are boring flute blanks this weekend. What species and bore size?

    2. Hi Donald… Yes we can produce blanks that have been bored leaving the windway area for you to tackle. We are cutting blanks today and if you would like to explore having us cut some for you this weekend let me know. What bore sizes and species are you looking for?

      1. Thank you for the responce. Actually, I have no idea what wood I might want. I was more curious if the holes can be skipped because I wanted to hand carve a blank round and then inset a “nest” a tiny bit lower. My thoughts this might ruin the cutting ege, etc.
        This is good to know that you’d be willing to skip the holes for me. I’ll check back with you in a few weeks. Thanks. I do appreciate it.

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