Commissioned Art from Timothy Jennings

2018 Western Design Conference Entry, Jackson Hole Wyoming
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Timothy N Jennings, Wyoming

As an artist that works in several mediums it is always exciting to create a project that is the result of a collaboration of ideas and visions between me the artist and you the Collector.  My goal is to create the best representation that succeeds with the vision(s) you share with me.

I price my work using past completed projects as a general guide and time available for a specific project.  Many things are considered in pricing of a commissioned piece including materials selected, extent of labor required, including techniques and processes needed to complete the work.

Once your project is completed there will never be another that is exactly like yours.  Everything I do is done by hand and by me using tools both hand and power.  I strive very hard to meet the goals set at the beginning of the project and in the end my greatest satisfaction comes from meeting the vision you set before me.

Commission 2016 Scottsdale Arizona

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the process begin?

Everything begins with a friendly and open conversation.  You are under no obligation to buy anything or sign any commission agreements during our initial conversations.  The purpose of these initial conversations are to discuss what your  expectations might be and the vision you have for the commissioned piece.  Once we have both agreed to a concept we can then move forward with the commissioned artwork.  Once we agree on the project we can begin outlining  the price and a time frame for work to be completed.

Commission 2016 Scottsdale Arizona

How do you determine the price?

The price I quote generally is a solid number unless things change during the crafting of the project. The price may increase if the design is extremely complicated, requires hard to find materials including lumber, stones, leather and precious metals.  Additional embellishments and if the client wants to use rare or expensive materials can also affect pricing.  The final price is the price unless significant changes are requested by you in which case any changes will be put to paper and agreed to by both parties.  Any increase in costs will be stated at that time.

Commission 2016 Toronto Canada

Do you require a deposit to start?

Yes.  Once we have agreed on the project, its scope, and the final price we will sign the Commission Agreement at which time a 15% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required to place your new project on our production calendar.  Just prior to the start of your project you will be notified and a final balance of an additional 25% for a total deposit amount of 40% of the final price is due.  Once we have started this 40% is a NON-REFUNDABLE.  The full deposit will be applied to the final price of the project.  Once finished and ready for delivery the final 60% will be due prior to shipment.  Any additional changes that affect the final cost of the project will be due at the time of the change order.

Native American Pipe
Commission 2016 Scottsdale Arizona

How long does it take to finish?

The time it takes to complete a commissioned project varies depending on the complexity of the design and availability of materials.  As a general rule most of these projects (Pipes and Flutes) are completed within 60 – 90 days from the start of the project unless things such as sculptures are part of the project.  Deadlines and delivery dates can be negotiated but generally they are guidelines.  The final selling price may be increased for rush deliveries.  The delivery date will be determined once both parties agree on the overall design and scope of the artwork.

Commission 2013 Coronado California

Can you create a design based on a photo?

Yes, but there are limitations. I cannot create artwork based on a copyrighted photo, licensed design or another artist’s work unless the copyright holder provides written permission.  Also, not all photos are appropriate for the mediums I work in. During our initial conversation, we may discuss options or interpretations of photos in order to agree on the best approach.  For most of my work photos are simply used to expand on your vision for the project.

Commission 2012 Dubois Wyoming

Can I choose the material you will use?

My goal for every design is to create a balanced and beautiful composition and use high quality materials. I will create an initial concept and will provide material samples if you like. These are to be used as a guide, so that we can agree on a general color scheme and tone for the project.  However, the creative process often has a life of its own.  In order to do my best work, I need to have flexibility and I ask that you give that latitude to me.  I source all of my materials used from trusted sources that I’ve worked with for years.  Having consistency and predictability in my materials allows me to focus on the artistic decisions. If you want to commission something using special materials that are not available that can usually be done but may increase the final price depending on how long and far I must go in order to source the material.

Raven Themed Crafted from AYC
Commission 2017 Tony Duncan, Arizona

Can I see the design before you begin?

Yes.  There will be several occasions were I will send you updated photos if desired.  Because of the type of art I do much of the general concept can be garnered from photos of previous work and samples of current project under way.  This is the time to address any concerns or changes in the design.


Can I see the artwork while you are making it?

This is one area where many artists will not go.  I however have no problems in providing “in progress” photos or visits while working on commissions.  The piece may go through several drafts and variations before I am satisfied with the final design, and sometimes the final version is very different from earlier stages or what I had envisioned early in the project. I have found that sharing photos during different stages can sometimes be confusing to the client but this is as much your vision as it is mine.

With every commission, my goal is to meet or exceed the client’s expectations.  During the creative process, if for some reason I find that a major part of the design or construction needs to be changed from the original concept, I will communicate with the client to explain my reasoning and we can discuss options available.  You have come to me for a reason.  That is to say you have found favor in my work and style in my Plains Indian influenced art and as such you are coming to me for my ability to communicate as the artist to you, I must have the final word on creative decisions, and I take that responsibility very seriously.

Can I Return Complete Commission Art for Refund

This is a good question and one that I find difficult to answer.  As an artist it is my goal to provide you with a completed piece of art that you are happy with.  Truthfully there are simply too many variables and people will see the exact same piece exactly as I do but through a different prism.  No one person is necessarily right when it comes to art but there are factors that need to be considered.  When I start a commissioned piece I do my best to solidify what the end product is going to be.  What I cannot control is how you will receive it in the end.  For this reason I created our production and deposit schedule above.  If we deliver the piece complete to you it is yours and I hope you are pleased with it.  I no longer take back completed commission art.  By the time you receive it you will have received multiple emails with updates and progress reports.  Each financial milestone we cross is no longer negotiable.

What if I receive my Art Piece and I am not happy with it?

Again, not sure how to completely answer this but the bottom line is once you have paid the final payment and the art piece has been shipped you own it.  I do not provide for a refund or even partial refund because the work has been completed as outlined in the very beginning.  I will however try to assist you with finding a new home if you are not happy with your purchase.  Especially when it comes to flutes – these wind instruments are very much subject to changes in weather, altitude, humidity, heat, cold and finally the person playing it.

How to contact me:

If you wish to engage in a possible commission for a project that will be a one of a kind art piece simple reach out to me via email or phone.  I would love to spend some time to see if my vision for the project will work for you.  Call me at (307) 690-0427 or email to “”.