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catlinite_bead_bolo_01Sacred Pipestone is used in our shop in more ways than just crafting pipes.   Each time I craft a pipe I am left with remnants of the pipe I build.  No stone is thrown away – we use every bit of the stone we can.  One example of repurposed stone is the Catlinite Bolo Bead that we use on our Native American Styled Flutes.  Many of our flutes will be adorned with replica feathers from many different birds and we use the Catlinite Bead as a bolo to attach the feathers to the flute body as shown in the picture here.


bead_01We also use pipestone for Cabochons, Inlays, Beads, and even mouth pieces for our flutes.  There are so many uses for Sacred Pipestone in our shop as well as yours.  For the first time we are making a limited supply of pre-configured pipestone for pipes,  flute makers and artists to purchase.  There are many ways to use this stone with little waste.


Craft Your Own Pipe

pipestone_02Want to make your first pipe?  We offer several options for those who want to conquer the inner artist in them and hand craft their very own pipe for personal use.  Stone is available  for you to create that perfect personal pipe.  Save your remnants of the stone can craft handmade beads or cabochons for your next project.

See below:

Catlinite Available
1.  NPS_BEAD_04 – Handmade Catlinite bead.  Approximately 1 3/8″L x 9/16″W – 1/4″ hole.  Perfect for a bolo bead or cut into two or three small beads.  Will  accommodate larger thickness leather. Image $39.00
2.  NPS_BEAD_03 – Handmade Catlinite bead.  Approximately 1 3/8″L x 1/2″W – 3/16″ hole.  Perfect for a bolo bead or cut into two or three small beads.  Nice star effects. Image $39.00
3.  NPS_TOMAHAWK_BLANK_001 – Pre-cut Tomahawk pipe design.  Beautiful two tone pipestone color with traditional dark red stone and a lighter color on the other side.  This pipe would take a bowl of about 1/2″ maybe up to 5/8″ in diameter.  This will be a shallow bowl and should make for a very nice personal pipe. Image $99.00
4.  NEW  Hand crafted Native American Styled Personal Pipe. Crafted from Catlinite (Sacred Pipestone) this small pipe is perfect for personal use. Overall dimension when stem is attached is 21″. The stone is 4 3/4″ Long and 2 1/8″ tall The stem is crafted from a piece of Alder and the stem features Bison leather accents and black and red glass crow beads. Image $165.00 If you have questions about Pipestone or you are looking for something in particular reach out to me.  Call (307) 690-0427 or email me at ““.

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