Catlinite Bear Claw Necklace, Black Wyoming Jade Beads Released from Inventory

Living in Wyoming offers one the opportunity to really find one’s self sometimes and more importantly to inspire one to create.  This necklace is no exception.  Brought together in a single one-of-a-kind piece this necklace truly represents the best that the state of Wyoming offers.

Hand crafted from Sacred Pipe-stone (Catlinite) hand quarried from Pipestone Minnesota this necklace is a beautiful representation of the front claw of the mighty North American Grizzly Bear.  This is the same Catlinite stone that is used by the Native Americans in Wyoming and the all around the Great Plains for their sacred pipes.  The Catlinite bear claw hangs from hand cut buffalo lace and is connected by sterling silver post and findings.  Beautiful hand cut Black Wyoming Jade beads hang on both sides of the bear claw.  Sterling Silver and glass Crow beads adorn both sides of the claw and the clasp is a lobster type sterling silver clasp.

This is a beautiful one of a kind necklace and it was handcrafted by artist Timothy Jennings of Afton, Wyoming.  This necklace was featured at the prestigious Western Design Conference held this summer in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  The black Wyoming Jade beads are hand cut by Lou Wackler in Boulder Colorado.  Lou is considered to be one of the best in his field.

This necklace represents everything that Wyoming is and it is the only one of its kind to date.  Suitable for a man or women.  If you have interest in this necklace please contact Timothy Jennings at  and reference “Bear Claw Necklace” in the subject line.  Do not miss this one – it is an awesome piece!

Available for commission…

Price: $1,295.00 Shipped

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