Building a Native American Flute

So you want to build a Native American Styled flute?  Good for you!  Crafting a flute from scratch just might be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do.  I have been hand crafting these beautiful wind instruments for many many years now and I never get tired of the process.  Embarking on this journey is one that every person that comes to flute should consider doing.  Be careful if you do decide to challenge yourself  with building your own flute as you might just find that you get hooked.

After many years of talking people through the process or specific parts of flute building that has given them trouble, as well as many blog posts I have decided to share with all of the journey that I have been on and share with you the actual steps I go through each time I build a flute.

This section of my website is in itself a journey of progress and it will be fluid so check back time from time.  Each menu item will touch upon a different aspect of flute building.  I hope that each an everyone who visits these pages find something of value.  If not and you at stuck please reach out me and I will do my best to answer your question within the scope of my craftsmanship.

Please take the time to visit our products on our website and we hope that if you decide to start with some pre-crafted blanks, fetish designs and other flute building material you will consider placing your business with me.  Email your questions to “”  or if you would rather talk in person call me at (307) 690-0427.  I am here to help!


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