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Building your own flute is a journey worthy for everyone who has the ability to use their hands.  The Native American Flute is one of the most pleasant-sounding wind instruments to play and anyone who has the interest and desire to play can easily learn.  Building your own flute whether it be for personal satisfaction or because you want to build them and sell them to the public is truly a satisfying project.  Not everyone one has the space, time or money to have a workshop that allows you to create the supplies you will need to build your own flute.

DSC_0283The fetish, totem, or bird as some call it is an important element for your flute. There are so many types of fetishes you can make for your flute. For some the fetish is just a functional part of the flute and others like to have a unique design that has meaning to them.  The choice is yours.  We sell several fetish designs and almost all of our flute fetishes are more whimsical in design but they do represent something to us.  Many of our design ideas come for the wildlife and scenery we find around our home here in Wyoming.  Save yourself some time, money and space by ordering  just what you need for your next flute project.

How To Shop For A Fetish

fetishes1Each of our fetish types below are hand crafted, no two are exactly the same.  In addition the woods that we use vary in colors and there are variations from species to species and board to board.  In an effort to simplify your fetish purchase and to help you make sure you know exactly what you are buying we have added image links to each individual fetish designs we have in stock for sale.  If there is more than one fetish type available you will see text links to each one.  If you like what you see simply click on the “Buy Now” and complete the transaction from our shopping cart. If you have questions please call us (307) 690-0427 or email us at “sales@jacksonholetim.com”.

4 Fetish Options Available

  1.  Purchase a rough cut Do It Yourself (DIY) fetish and you complete the shaping and finishing of the fetish your liking.
  2. Purchase one of our already pre-shaped ready to finish fetishes.  These have been shaped by me and are ready for the final sanding prior to applying your desired finish.
  3. Purchase a fully completed fetish ready to attach to your flute.  Each one of these will have specific dimensions and feature of the fetish providing you more information so you can make an informed choice
  4. I offer custom work specific to your flute.  This requires at the very least accurate images and measurements of you flute.  I prefer you send me the flute you want the fetish made for so I can accurately match it to your flute.

Complete Your Own Fetish Block

fetishblanks_smlbWe offer pre-cut fetish blocks in many different wood species and designs. These are the same blocks we finish ourselves in our shop for our flutes.  Select from anyone of the pre-cut, Do It Yourself fetish blanks listed and complete the process yourself.  Use your favorite dremel tool, Xacto, files, rasps, sanding blocks or whatever you have in your shop.  The basic shape has been cut for you ready to complete.  Build your own sweat equity in your next flute project without having to have special tools such as a band or scroll saw.  Here are our designs…

Pre-Shaped Ready to Finish

We will list these pre-finished fetishes when the come available.  There will be a link to each fetish design from the description below when available.  These are hand shaped by me with no two the same.  Listed will be the actual fetish with dimensions available for purchase.

Commission Fetish Builds

Both of these Mustang Totems are cut from the same wood, one is finished the other shaped ready for finishing

More and more I am find myself creating custom fetish  designs for customers wanting a change to a favorite flute.  These fetish designs are no different than the ones I craft for my own flute projects.   There are a lot of considerations that actually go into making a functional fetish , one that will play with your flute.

Most of my fetish designs from start to finish take about a week.  To cut, shape, sand, finish and fit takes time.  I consider these orders a commissioned order and the process to order is the same as ordering a commissioned flute.

Changing Your Totem

If you are have an existing flute and you are looking to make a totem or fetish change then there are a few things that you need to consider.  Most of the fetish designs I craft are designed to work with a flute where the focusing channel is set into the body of the flute.  There are some flute makers that cut the focusing channel into the bottom of the fetish which requires some modifications.

If you purchase a  custom made fetish you will need to at the very least send me the dimensions with pictures of your flute you are wanting to put it on.  I would prefer that you send me the actual flute with it’s current fetish which is preferable.  The only way to make sure your new fetish works with your flute is to have me adjust it to your flutes dimensions.  Some fetishes will need to have a chimney added while others won’t need one.  Some flutes may even need modifications to the flute body itself or the fetish choice may not be a good fit depending on your flute design.  For questions reach out to me via phone or email me at “sales@jacksonholetim.com”

Do It Yourself Fetish Blanks

Each of the fetishes below are available as a do it yourself rough cut fetish block.  Most of the images presented below are what the fetish was meant to look like when complete.    We offer discounts for bulk orders on rough cut fetish blanks.

Bulk Discount Rates

  • Buy 1 – 3 and get $0.00 off
  • Buy 4 – 8 and get 15% off
  • Buy 9 – 12 and get 18% off
  • Buy 13 or above and get 20% off
  • No discounts on shipping.

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Raven Fetish – DIY Blanks $16.50 each

Raven_03_DSC0295The raven is simply part of the Yellowstone basin and you will find them everywhere you go.  We have some big Ravens here in Wyoming for sure.  Some of the Native Americans considered the Raven as a creature of metamorphosis which can change or transform itself.  Others consider the Raven to be a trickster because of this ability to change.  The Raven can also be called upon for health purposes, the keeper of secrets, help us with our hidden thoughts.

To Order See Below…

Buffalo Fetish – DIY Blanks $16.50 each

newbuffalo_1_lgAfter hours of self-reflection I finally came up with our favorite fetish block. Inspired by the North American Bison, more commonly known as the buffalo. For those of you who know our flutes you know that most of the fetish blocks we craft tend to be more whimsical than literal. This has been our style and we kind of like it when people see different things in the same fetish.

As an artist I wanted to capture something a bit different this time.  I wanted a fetish that when someone sees it, it is clear to them what it represents but at the same time still maintains the whimsical aura that seems to fit our designs.  I think we have found a clear balance with this fetish.  This fetish stands about 2 1/2″ tall, it is about 3″ in length and 7/8″ wide at the base.  We add a chimney to this fetish for most of the flutes we put it on.  The chimney usually ends up being approximately 3/8″ wide and 7-8 mm deep so it should fit most NAF flutes where the Focusing channel is cut into the body of the flute.  The pictures presented here was crafted from a piece of old growth black walnut.

To Order See Below…

Otter Designed Fetish – DIY Blanks Starting at $9.95

otters_walnut_1_lgOne of the most popular designed fetish I make is what I call our otter design.  Inspired by the otters I see on the rivers here in the Jackson Hole area, my goal was simple elegance and I think I achieved it with this fetish.  Easy to tie to your flute using any type of leather these birds make a very nice, simple addition to any flute.


For More Information Complete Form Bottom of Page…

Antelope Fetish – $11.95 each

antelope1_lgOne of the animals you will find almost anywhere in our valley and for that matter throughout Wyoming is the North American Prong Horned Antelope.  They are primarily the main inspiration for this fetish although it also has some hints of Elk.  Like our Otter Fetish this fetish is easily attached to your flute body using leather lace.  We make this fetish in Walnut, Port Orford Cedar, Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Cherry, Ironwood, Maple and other woods when available.

To Order See Below…

Butterfly Fetish – Commission Only

Recently we decided to add to our fetish designs our whimsical butterfly fetish.  This fetish is only available for commission.  This fetish design is hand carved from a single block of wood and finished either with a clear lacquer finish or we can ship it to you ready for you to paint or finish yourself.  This fetish requires exact dimensions of your nest area and your windway design elements.  Available with or without a chimney.

To Inquire about this fetish complete form at bottom of page …

Grizzly Bear Fetish – DIY Blanks starting @ $18.50

GrizBear_01Living in the Yellowstone basin is definitely a place where you can come in contact with one of North America’s larger than life giants, the North American Grizzly Bear. To see one of these magnificent animals in nature is something you will never forget.  Our Grizzly Bear Fetish was designed with this animal in mind, representing strength and courage as they do in life.

Somewhat whimsical in design this bear fetish is a bit wider than most of our designs.  Connect this fetish to your flute using any type of leather lace but we prefer to use our hand cut bison or elk leather lace when we do.

COMMENTS:  This fetish can be completed with a chimney or no chimney at all.  The image above is a completed fetish with no finish on the bear.  Design to be attached to you flute using two pieces of leather.  The front leather will be wider than the back piece.  This fetish is shaped using a dremel tool.


For More Information Complete Form Bottom of Page…

Horse Fetish – DIY Blanks $12.95 each

horsehead1_lgOne of our latest design inspired by Nakoa Heavyrunner is our horse head fetish.  Horses are a great part of the Cowboy State of Wyoming and the horse holds special meaning for the plains Indians.  This fetish is a result of collaboration with Nakoa and this fetish will be prominent with many of the Nakoa Heavyrunner Signature flutes we  craft.  Like many of our fetish blocks it is a whimsical reflection of the horses that ran the great plains in years past.  Available in several wood stocks such as Black Walnut, Red Walnut, Port Orford Cedar, Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Cherry, and other native species when available.

To Order See Below…

Wyoming Mustang – $16.50 each

This new fetish design is representative of the wild Mustang that is so much part of our historical fabric.  Inspired by the spirit that exist not only in our Wyoming Livestock but the people who call Wyoming home.  This design features a chimney notch in the front and it is 3/8″ wide and should fit most focusing channels.  This fetish is attached to your flute body using leather lace straps.  We use our hand cut bison or elk lace to attach all of our fetishes.


For More Information Complete Form Bottom of Page…

Teton Spike Fetish – $16.50 each

tetonspike_bubinga_xl_1_ebayOne of our favorite fetish designs.  We call it the Teton Spike because it was actually inspired by an old rusty spike we found at an old home stead cabin located in the valley.  We have used just about every type of wood for this fetish but it looks real good in a dark walnut.  This design features a chimney notch in the front and it is 3/8″ wide and should fit most focusing channels.  This fetish is attached to your flute body using 3 leather lace straps. We use our hand cut bison or elk lace to attach all of our fetishes.


For More Information Complete Form Bottom of Page…

IMPORTANT NOTE: All of our fetish blocks are designed to work with Native American Flute that have the focusing channel cut into the body of the flute. If you have an existing flute that you are considering adding a new fetish to and you are NOT sure if our fetish block will work with your flute call us at (307) 690-0427 and we can help you with making the correct decision.  You can also email or text us a picture of your flute and we can help guide you a Fetish/Totem selection.  Most of these are cut to order so we do not list all species of wood available.

Species Generally In Stock

We stock lumber in the following species:

  • Alaskan Yellow Cedar (Old Growth)
  • American Cherry (200+ year old Reclaimed)
  • Black Walnut
  • Black Locust
  • Russian Olive
  • Port Orford Cedar (Old Growth)
  • Western Red Cedar

How To Order Fetish Blanks

We offer Do It Yourself pre-cut fetish blocks in all of the designs listed on this page.  These Fetishes are ready for you to shape and finish.  From time to time we will list completed fetish blocks on this page.  You can also send in a request for a quote using the form below.  Call your order in to (307) 690-0427 and we will email you a shipping quote when ready.   If you ok the order we will invoice you via PayPal or Intuit Invoice and you can pay your order online.

Fetish Supply Contact Form


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