Brock Jennings Wide Awake

Brock Jennings “Wide Awake”

Wyoming’s own music artist Brock Jennings is set to drop his new album “Wide Awake” WORLDWIDE.  Brock has just released two songs from this long awaited album.

The Title Track to this album is the song “Wide Awake” is now available to purchase and Stream on all music platforms.

After almost 2 years of writing, re-writing, recording, producing, mixing and mastering Brock releases the two of 10 songs on this production.  Recorded in Jackson Hole Wyoming this long awaited release will not disappoint.

Currently 2 of the 10 songs are now streaming on ALL music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google, iHeart, Pandora and more with a third to drop in the coming weeks.  If you subscribe to any of these add Brock Jennings to your playlists.

Exclusive to Jackson Hole Tim

“Wide Awake” Then new album from Wyoming Music Artist Brock Jennings is available here for the first time in it’s entirety.  Brock has given us permission to post all ten songs from his newly debuted album Wide Awake.

Enjoy Samples of some of this amazingly new and different album

Wide Awake Album

  1. Wide AwakeBuy Now$.99
  2. Coming Home – Buy Now$.99
  3. Worn – Buy Now$.99
  4. Let Me FlyBuy Now$.99
  5. What Are You DoingBuy Now  – $.99
  6. Without You Buy Now$.99
  7. How Will It End  – Buy Now$.99
  8. OrbitBuy Now$.99
  9. Forgive Me One More TimeBuy Now$.99
  10. Another Fool  – Buy Now$.99

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