Black Walnut with Sapodilla Rails F#

We are about half way through the finishing stages this six hole American Black Walnut flute is tuned F# @432 Hz.  Handcrafted from a selected unmatched blank set (but from same board) of Old Growth American Black Walnut and this flute feature beautiful Sapodilla Totem rails.  The Totem will be our Teton Spike fetish design crafted from a piece of Bubinga.   The flute bore is 7/8″ in diameter giving this F# flute nice bright voice.  She plays easily although the back pressure is currently set so you do not have to blow too hard but you  can still push a lot or very little breath.  Flute body features my signature hand cut step in front of the Totem and coupled with the Sapodilla Totem rails this flute has a very nice aesthetic.

Leather accents will be hand cut from either select Elk or Bison Hides.  Other accents can still be added to this flute even up to the point of the final finishes.  Hand cut stones, deer antler, Elk antler, handmade catlinite beads, feathers or braids can be added to this beautiful flute.  This flute like all of our flutes ships with a protective bag.

Play Sample of Port Orford Cedar F# Flute Here: COMING SOON

Available for purchase:

  1. This flute is available for purchase at this time.   Current plans are for a high gloss lacquer finish. There is still time to add any additional accents, select the finish for this flute, add feather or horse hair accents, add stones for a higher price point PRE-COMPLETION PRICE: $385 PLUS $16.95 Shipping (lower 48 states).  NO additional accents.  To add additional accents please contact me for pricing.  DEPOSIT REQUIRED TO HOLD.

Call to purchase this Port Orford Cedar flute (307) 690-0427 or email me.  Available for Custom Order – email “”