Black Walnut Drone


Update: 06/25/2018

This flute is just about ready for finishing.  This weekend I completed the fetish and fine tuned some feature some of which are very subtle.   For example if you click the image above you can look at the mouth piece and see that there is a slight offset which should help in selecting which bore(s) you want to play. Another feature is the bottom of the flute is smooth with NO carvings done.  Topside I have carved some features to highlight the fact that this is a two bore flute.

American Black Walnut Drone – Key of D

Black Walnut Drone flute with a 1″ inch bore.  I have tuned this flute to D @ 444 Hz.   Done flutes are really cool to play yet they are a quite a bit larger than your normal flute and it takes some time to get used to handling.  Currently in the final finishing phase which will take another week or so.
The fetish design has been selected and as you can see by the updated pictures I have selected an arrowhead themed fetish.  This fetish also crafted from Black Walnut was craved from a single piece of walnut.

“The walnut used in this flute as best we can tell came across the plains in the mid 1840’s.  Harvested from the Eastern slopes of the Colorado Rockies Walnut trees were brought by wagons along the Oregon Trail and planted around farm houses for the shade and the fruit these large trees produce”

If you have interest in purchasing this flute please reach out to me early.  This page will be updated with progress pictures as they become available.  The flute will ship with a protective bag . If you are interested in this flute we will take a deposit to secure it for you.

Play Sample of Black Walnut Drone Flute Here: COMING SOON 

[audio ]

Available for purchase: $895.00 plus shipping

  1. This flute is available for purchase at this time.   Current plans are for a high gloss lacquer finish. There is still time to add any additional accents, select the finish for this flute, add feather or horse hair accents, add stones for a higher price point PRE-COMPLETION PRICE: $895 PLUS $16.95 Shipping (lower 48 states).  NO additional accents.  To add additional accents please contact me for pricing.  DEPOSIT REQUIRED for changes.

Call to purchase this Black Walnut Drone flute (307) 690-0427 or email me.  This flute is Available for Custom Order – email