Black Walnut Drone


American Black Walnut Drone – Key of D

Black Walnut Drone flute with a 1″ inch bore.  I have tuned this flute to D @ 440 Hz.   Done flutes are really cool to play yet they are a quite a bit larger than your normal flute and it takes some time to get used to handling.  This flute is now finished.

“The walnut used in this flute as best we can tell came across the plains in the mid 1840’s.  Harvested from the Eastern slopes of the Colorado Rockies Walnut trees were brought by wagons along the Oregon Trail and planted around farm houses for the shade and the fruit these large trees produce”

The fetish design selected turned out to be an arrow head.  This totem was and crafted from a single block of Black Walnut.  Originally I had planned for a turtle but later decided on the fetish/totem you see here.  The flute shipped with a protective bag.  If you are interested in a flute like this for yourself reach out to me.  A nonrefundable deposit is required for all Commissions.

Play Sample of Black Walnut Drone Flute Here:


Available for Custom Order – email “

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