New Flute Blanks Completed

Each pre-bored flute blank we make takes a great deal of time to craft correctly. After making thousands of blanks over the years we still make mistakes. Unfortunately when we do they become firewood as in most cases the damaged goods cannot be fixed.

This week we completed another batch of Pre-Bored Flute Blanks with bore sizes of 7/8″ that are 24 inches long, and 1″ inch bores that are 30″ inches in length. Some of the species we used were Alaska Yellow Cedar, Port Orford Cedar, Alder, Sitka Spruce, Black Walnut and Texas Juniper.

We have been providing blanks to the flute making community for over 20 plus years now and we continue to do so because of our desire to help others find this wonderful craft that just about anyone with the desire can do. Making blanks are more of a love for the craft than it is a profit center for our family.

Each blank we ship is shipped sealed in shrink wrap so to keep the integrity of the blank in tact as much as possible. Each set ships with enough wood to make a reasonable totem, hand cut Bison lace and a set of proprietary schematics to help you in your flute making journey.

Check out our pre-bored flute blank page here… We do not list all of our available blanks on this page so feel free to reach out to us with questions.

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