Holidays Are Coming…

Each year people reach out to me mostly in the Fall looking for something unique for the Holidays. Some orders are gifts and others are to be used at home in their kitchens for the Holidays. One of my favorite orders last Fall was for this trio (image above) of our JHT Medium deep bowl spoons and Sapodilla Charcuterie boards.

Most all of our handcrafted kitchen utensils are crafted from Alaskan Yellow or Port Orford Cedar boards. Both woods work great in a kitchen setting and there are no plastics in any of our utensils. We craft many different types of cutting boards some larger than others. These smaller personal size Charcuterie Boards were made from River reclaimed Sapodilla and are simply awesome.

I have a bit more stock from which I can make some more of these unique cutting boards, so if you have an interest reach out and get your order in before too long. These projects take time to complete. If you would like more information feel free to call, text, email or complete the contact form below.

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