Under Construction 6 Hole Flute

Tuned and in Finishing Stages. This is a 6 Hole flute is crafted from a beautiful piece of Texas Juniper. Totel Rails are maple and the fetish HAS NOT been crafted. This is a larger bore flute body at 1″ inch and the voice is a deeper healing tone. Tuned to the Key of D# @ 432Hz. There is still time to select a fetish for this flute. Currently the plans are to finish it with our Maple Wyoming Mustang.

Finding a piece of Texas Juniper this clean is hard to find. The flute will be finished with a Satin finish on the body and a Semi-Gloss Totem. Leather accents will be our hand cut Bison Lace. A recording of the voice of this flute is forthcoming.

Hand Cut Bison Lace for Full Hides

Available to purchase now as planned or add some other bling before it is completed. This flute will be priced at $385 plus shipping. If you have interest in this flute please complete for Information Form below.

This Mustang Fetish Design is one of our most popular totems. Seen here in unfinished Maple and finished Sapodilla.

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