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Big Red Finds it’s Voice

Alaskan Yellow Cedar Key G @440 Hz

After a couple of days of new snow, a little wind and a lot of running around for the Holidays we finally found the time to record the new voice of what I have been calling Big Red.  This is a 7/8″ Bore flute tuned to the Key of G @ 440Hz.  Hand crafted from Old Growth first generation cut Alaskan Yellow Cedar and finished in high gloss acrylic True Red.  Totem and totem rails are hand crafted from Maple and finished in their natural colors.  Our Mystical Mustang sits on top of this beautiful one of a kind flute.

We have priced this beautiful flute to be affordable.  Take a listen and if you are interested you can take her home… This is “Authentic Wyoming”.

Sound Clip Big Red


$265.00 FREE Shipping within U.S.A. + OFFERS ENABLED ON THIS PRODUCT


International Shipping

Please contact us in advance for the most accurate International shipping prices.  We do not control any VAT taxes that may be due on your end depending on what country you live in.  Shipping abroad is usually handled via U.S. Priority International mail.

Price does not include additional accents.  To add additional accents please contact me for pricing.  DEPOSIT REQUIRED TO HOLD.

Purchase Online, or if you have questions call  (307) 690-0427 or email me.  Available for Custom Order – email “”

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