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Offers Enabled On Select Products

New to Jackson Hole Tim is the ability to make an offer on select flutes and flute making supplies and other products.  When shopping on our website we have identified select items that we now allow you the buyer to make on offer on.  Simply add the item to your shopping cart and if OFFERS is enabled you will see an orange MAKE OFFER button the right of the Add to Cart button.  Each of our products are considered carefully for what we believe is a fair price.  However everyone wants to get a good deal and each item is carefully considered for this functionality.  If you wish to make an offer and it is a fair one we will accept it and you can continue with your purchase.  If your offer is too low we will respond in a timely fashion.  Our goal is to make all of as many of our Wyoming Made Art products affordable to those wanting to purchase one.

3 thoughts on “Offers Enabled On Select Products

  1. Tim,

    I ordered Alaskan Yellow Ceder from you recently and was wondering what other wood types you have available as billets…also is Texas Juniper the same as Aromatic Red Cedar?

    1. Hi Dave… are you looking for pre-bored blanks or billets? Aromatic Cedar is not the same as Texas Juniper. It is similar in color but does not have the smell. It is hard to get good clean old growth stock without knots. But I can get it. I need to order some… I think I bored my stock.

    2. I have some nice Port Orford Cedar Billets. This is my favorite wood to make flutes from. Very hard to get. I also have a nice Walnut slab I have not cut that could be made into billets.

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