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ASH Flute F# @ 432Hz

Under Construction ASH NAF F# @432 Hz

Just about ready for glue up is this reclaimed piece of ASH that is from a very old hand hewn beam I picked up a few years ago.  The sister to this flute can be seen here.  This flute blank set has been bored with a 7/8″ bore and features a Iron Wood Cutting Edge inlay.  Plans for this flute is for it to be an F# but there is still time to make a change if you are interested.  This flute could be an F, F#, G or G# I am thinking.  The fetish will be our whimsical otter fetish and attached with our hand-cut Wyoming Bison lace.

The aesthetic will be in very close to the image of this Port Orford Cedar flute shown here.  Plans are to cut my signature step in front of the inlay but in this case there will extra length given to the windway area because of the length of the inlay.  Finish although it can be changed prior to finishing is planned for a Semi-Gloss finish.

Finally being crafted from something as hard as reclaimed American Ash this should have a very bright voice.  I personally like this type of sound…  If you are interested please contact me via email “” or call (307) 690-0427


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