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Another Flute Goes to Italy

Another Flute Goes to Italy

This was a unique little flute that has now found a new home in Italy.  This flute was actually made several years ago.  It was completely hand crafted from Western Red Cedar and featured a black walnut inlay for the cutting edge.  This flute WAS NOT bored with a plunge router but completely hand carved both inside components and outside.  This 7/8″ bore flute is tuned to F# @ 440 Hz.   A couple of other notes is that we inlaid 3 black onyx  cabochons and it also feature the 4 winds tuning hole to add length to the flute.

The fetish on this flute is our otter design and it is crafted from a piece of American Cherry.  Leather accent is hand cut Black Bison lace and there is a groove pre-cut around the body of the flute should you want to add another accents like a hanging feather or horse hair.

As with all of our flutes this flute was tuned at an altitude of 6,400 feet above sea level.  Many time we will tune our flute to the flat side of the target note because of the higher altitude and severe difference in temperature and humidity.  However this flute is spot on here in the Rockies.  Taking this flute to lower altitudes and higher temperatures and humidity will affect the tuning a bit.  But this flute should always be in tune with itself.

The inside of the flute was sealed like all of our flutes with many coats of lacquer and the outside of the flute is finished with more than 20+ very light coats of high gloss lacquer.  This is simply a very nice flute.  We are offering this flute at an entry level price as this would be a fabulous flute for the first time flute owner and yet one you will keep for many years.

Because it is made from Western Red Cedar it is important to note that it is very soft and susceptible to dents and dings.  The cutting edge was inlaid with walnut for this very reason.  Western Red Cedar produces a very soothing flute and this one is no exception.  Sounds and plays great!  This was a great entry level flute at a price point that was very affordable.

This nice little flute found a new home in Italy and is being delivered as I write this.  I hope that the new owner finds that joy that these wind instruments are capable of bringing.  It makes me smile to know that people in Italy appreciate our Native heritage and can find enjoyment in the flute.

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