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Black Walnut Flute Finds New Home In Italy

Black Walnut with Sapodilla Rails

Heading for Italy

This completely hand crafted Black Walnut flute is one of my favorites from this summer.  Nothing fancy but I do think it breaths Simple Elegance.  Anyway this flute is headed for it’s new Home in Italy.  For those who may not have seen this earlier on our website this flute was crafted from American Black Walnut and featured Sapodilla Totem Rails and the Totem/Fetish is our whimsical Teton Spike crafted from piece of dark black walnut.  Tuned to an F# @ 432 Hz this 7/8″ bore gives off a very nice tone.  Leather accents are our Wyoming Brown hand cut lace and a few Crow glass beads were added to finish it off.

I am always humbled when someone chooses to purchase a flute from me.  I know people have a choice and the fact that they selected one of my flutes is always humbling.  I home the new owner of this flute will find many hours of healing while playing her.  She was voiced right here in the Tetons of Wyoming.  Travel safe…

Big Brother

I like this flute so much that I have decided to build another Black Walnut flute with Sapodilla rails only this next flute is going to be the big brother to the flute above.  I say that because this next walnut blank is a 30″ long blank and will feature a 1 1/8″ bore and likes the flute above it too will be a six hole flute.  My goal for tuning this flute is shoot for a deeper C or C#.  The Slow Air Chamber (SAC) has been modified with a 1″ bored SAC rather than 1 1/8″.  Right now this new flute is a blank canvas so accents like the fetish design, inlaid stones and other accents has hanging horse hair etc can still be incorporated.

Below is the actual walnut blank that has been selected.   Who will be the new owner of this flute?  If you have interest simply reach out to me via email “” or call/text me (307) 690-0427… Christmas is coming…

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