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Big Bore Alaskan Yellow Cedar Flute Blanks Ready to Ship

Ready To Ship Now

We posted a few days ago that we have crafted a large order of large bore 1 1/8″ pre-bored Alaskan Yellow Cedar flute blanks… well they are now ready to ship.  You can find them Online on our Pre-Bored Flute Blank page.  Look towards the bottom of the Alaskan Yellow Cedar Blanks and they are listed together.

Each bank is cut with the following dimensions:  30″ inch long blanks are 1 3/4″ wide and each blank half is 7/8″ thick.  The Blow Hole is cut at 3/8″ wide x 2 3/4″ long.  The Slow Air Chambers (SAC) are 4″ long and modified to 1″ wide.  The Stop Block (between SAC and Bore) is 1 1/4″ deep.  The bore itself is 1 1/8″ round.  These blanks should create a very nice long aesthetic to your flutes and the tuning should be in the solid C to C# range or maybe even a nice D.

ALL Pre-Bored Blanks Ship with Bison Lace

Because we now stock and cut our own Bison Leather Lace for our production flutes and for all of you flute makers we now add Bison Lace with each Pre-Bore Flute Blanks Set ordered.  Select the flute blank(s) you want and one of 4 current colors of lace available from the shopping cart.  Each flute blank ordered will ship with it’s own lace so when you complete your flute you will be ready to tie your fetish on your new flute.  The Bison lace shipped with each order will be pre-cut lace that is 3/8″ wide (most popular) by 36″inches in length.  This provides you with plenty of length for each flute blank you order.  Current colors available are:

Wyoming Black

Wyoming Mocha

Wyoming Tan

Wyoming Sand

All Blank Ordered Ship with 3 Schematics

Each pre-bored blanks order we now include three proprietary Flute Drawing Schematics that should assist you in your flute building journey at no additional cost.  These schematics will help detail the important components for crafting the Windway or Cutting Edge.  These drawings will share with you the exact process I use in my own personal flute building.  When your order is placed and paid for we will email you these schematics in advance of your order shipping.  We also sell these schematics as a stand alone order for $6.95.


If you have any questions please call (307) 690-0427, text this number or email us at “”.  We are here to help!

Quantity Discounts Available

Each of our pre-bored flute blank sets listed here are individually handled, cut, surface, measured and graded.  You can purchase a single flute blank or several at a time.  No two flute blanks are the same and we only list the best on this website.  In fact we source commission materials and spec flute projects from many of these very same blanks.  If you are a professional flute maker, hobbyist, or just a weekend warrior and you want to purchase multiple items reach out to us via the form at the bottom of this page and let us know your interest.  We will get back to you with a delivered price with quantity discounts based on boards selected.

Quantity & Shipping Request Form

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