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Western Red Cedar, Entry Level F#

Entry Level Flute… Price that is

This is a unique opportunity to own one of our truly hand crafted flutes.  The Western Red Cedar flute was completely hand carved both inside and out (NO ROUTERS) by artist Timothy Jennings a couple of years ago.  This is a flute we have had in our personal inventory for sometime and being one of our few fully hand carved flutes makes this a unique find.  I have decided to sell this flute in an effort to open up this flute to those seeking a lower price point.  This is a wonderful sounding and easy flute to play.

I no longer carve the inside of the flute bores primarily because of time involved and the requirement for a softer species of wood.  Also we have generally used woods such as Western Red Cedar because of its softer and straight qualities.  Although I do not make many flutes today using this wood primarily because of how soft the wood it is, Western Red does make a really warm sounding flute.

The flute is no exception.  A 7/8″ bore tuned to F# @ 440 Hz this flute also features our whimsical Otter design totem and is attached via hand cut Wyoming Black Bison lace.  The flute bore has the 4 Winds tuning hole for a longer aesthetic, 3 black onyx cabochons (no bezels) set into the flute body, a pre-cut groove you can hand a feather or horse hair from and finally a wider mouth piece which is preferred by some.

All in all this is great little flute.  The biggest concern for caring for this flute is that because it is made from Western Red Cedar the extreme softness of the species makes it prone to dent and ding if you bump it against something hard.  Ships with a protect flute bag.

$145.00 Plus Shipping – JUST SOLD

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    1. Fair price for hand carved

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