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Western Design Conference 2018 Entry

Update: 07/30/2018

The flute continues to take its path to final form.  Here is an updated picture during the finishing stages of this flute.  Here you can see how the Maple rails and totem look against the jet black finish.  The Elk Antler Cabochon is about done and ready to set into the flute body.  This flute in person is beautiful.

Update: 07/19/2018

The fetish design selected is my Mustang Themed fetish.  Hand carved from a solid piece of old growth maple this fetish will be finished with a clear lacquer to preserve the natural beauty of the wood.  The flute body is now in it’s finishing stages.  The body is Jet Gloss Black with a hand crafted Elk Antler Cabochon set in Sterling Silver.  I am still working on the bezel but will post pics shortly.

UPDATE: 07/08/2018

Flute takes shape.  Tuning holes are marked and ready to give voice.  I am going to voice the flute and find the fundamental note, tune it and then start the finishing process.  So far this is turning out to be a very nice flute.

UPDATE: 06/27/2018

All glued up and tuning holes and the Four Winds tuning holes are marked.  This will be a E at 432 Hz as I see it now.  This is the ugly stage of the flute process.  From here the birth of this flute will truly begin.  So many point to cover but watch for the next update to see how this Western Design Conference entry progresses.  Here you can see the beginnings of the Maple Totem/Fetish rails.  Soon they will take shape and add to the overall elegance this flute will display.
UPDATE: 06/23/2018

I have just completed the cutting and finishing of the Windway and the inside of the flute bore.  Ready for Glue Up and later today we will start with the addition of the Totem Rails.  Because this project is slated for a complete GLOSS BLACK finish it was important to make sure the inside was pre-treated as well.  I have selected a very nice piece of American Maple from which these rails will be made from.  They will be natural in their finish and should really accent the black coloring.  I am excited to get the rails on and start the shaping process.  This should be an exceptionally beautiful flute when done… a bit outside my traditional crafting but then that is what makes it fun!

WDC-Exhibit-Sale-LogoI am once again excited for the upcoming Western Design Conference to be held in Jackson Hole Wyoming September 6th thru the 9th at the base of the Snow King Resort.  Each year some of the BEST Functional Artists from all over the United States jury for entry into the WDC.

The Western Design Conference (WDC) brings together artists, scholars, collectors, interior designers, architects, and fashion designers with a passion for the West.  From documented American craft, to home design, to fashion, the show is expanding to encompass all aspects of the best of Western design.  This event celebrates functional museum-quality creations capturing the spirit of the West.

Last Fall for the 2017 WDC I decided not to participate and become a spectator.  I have to admit once I arrived to view other artist’s entries and see some old friend I wish I had entered the conference.  As a returning two time award winner in the category “ACCENTS” I am always excited to see how the judges view my craft.  Crafting unique Plains Influenced art is a passion that I have followed for quite some time.   This year I have decided to enter a juried piece that will be the first Native American Styled flute I have made that I have painted with the idea to have a more contemporary appeal.

Take The Journey With Me

This years piece will be for sale prior to, during and after the conference.  This flute is being done completely on spec.  The picture at the top of this post is an image of the actual flute blank that will become this years entry.  This image is the ugly beginnings of what will be an amazingly beautiful flute.

The flute is being crafted from a piece of Old Growth Alaskan Yellow Cedar.  I have select this wood species for it’s ability to produce a beautiful sounding flute.  In addition Alaskan Ceder when finished finishes like glass and is the perfect medium for the acrylic and lacquer finish it will receive.

This flute will be a 1 inch bored flute and will feature Old Growth American Maple totem rails with the totem to be my newly design whimsical Mustang fetish.  The bore of the flute will feature a Stirling Silver bezel set cabochon hand made from Wyoming Elk Antler.  The actual antler piece that the cabochon will be crafted from is seen below.  This will be set into the body of the flute and should pop right off of the black setting with a high polished bezel to really give it a classy appeal.

Available for Purchase

This flute is available for purchase at any time during the construction of the project.  Although the price has yet to be determined I can assure you this will be a one of a kind Timothy Jennings crafted flute.  Delivery will not take place until after the Western Design Conference.  Any winnings during the conference belong to the artist.  If you are interested please complete the form below.  Check back from time to time to see the journey this flute will make from concept, to craft stage to voicing.  This flute will be voice at the base of the Tetons later this summer.  Key will probably be in the lower D – E range.  If you have questions reach out to me at “” or call me 307-690-0427.

2018 Western Design Entry Form

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