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Nutrient Rich Micro-Greens

Grown In Wyoming

Brock’s Stocks is now part of Jackson Hole Tim and you will find us in the menu system at the top of every page.  Chef Brock known for his traditional beef and chicken bone broths and his delicious soups now brings farm fresh nutrient dense Micro-Greens to market.  Western Wyoming’s weather is every changing and creates in some cases insurmountable obstacles for growing food.  Brock’s Stocks & Greens side steps this by growing our micro crops in an indoor environment vertically, year round.

Micro-greens are today used in so many ways, from fancy culinary dishes found at restaurants all over Wyoming to salad ingredients, blended in smoothies, or just eaten raw.  Today there are so many things missing in our store bought foods from lack of flavor to food produced with little nutrient value or both.  Large commercial operations although amazing simply have a difficult time competing with locally grown and harvest foods.  Brock’s Stocks & Greens is your locally produced broths and greens provider that allows you to bring real authentic food home to your kitchen table.

Currently we produce more the 15 varieties of micro-green with some of the favorite being Sunflower shoots, pea shoots, both tendril and speckled, broccoli, basil, mizuna, shiso bulls blood and many more.  We will also grow for just your needs when ordered in advance.  We are a farm direct source for micro-greens for both you the consumer, small markets, and the food service industry.  Don’t be surprised if when you eat out in the Jackson area if you won’t find some of our product in your favorite dish.

Grown In Soil

Depending on who you talk to you will get varying opinions on the best way to grow micro-greens.  There are many amazing operations across this country.  Some grown in soil, areoponics, hydroponics, hybrid operation and many of these micro farms grow vertically as well.  We use a commercially produces product we import from Canada that is a mix of mother earths magic.  We decided to grown in this organic growing medium for consistency of product and most importantly taste.  We do believe growing in a growing medium as we do makes for a more flavor intense experience.  Real authentic food!

Live Trays Available

Through the winter we only offered our micro-greens pre-cut and delivered to you in either plastic clam-shells or breathable bags.  Recently we started delivering our greens in what we call our Grab n Go bags which depending on the micro-green will hold from 3-5 ounces of product.  This may sound like a small amount but trust us – it is a good supply for a family of four for a meal or two.  These bags are currently available at the Farm Store at Haderlie Farms which makes it easy to take home.

Although you have always had the option to purchase a full 1020 tray of micro-greens we are starting this month to plant smaller trays that you can take home live.  We will be offering 10×10 and 5×5 live trays planted with your favorite varieties.  The biggest advantage is you can purchase them days before they are ready to harvest and nurse them for up to 10 days at home.  Cut and use them as needed.  Also you can purchase a 10×10 tray and mix n match up to 4 5×5 trays… one of each of your favorite. Each tray will be priced with the deposit for the tray built in but if you bring them back we will refund you that deposit on your next purchase.

Where to Buy

Currently we are available at the Farm Store at Haderlie Farms in Thayne Wyoming and we sell wholesale direct from our micro farm in Afton, Wyoming.  For those who live in the Jackson area you can order our products through Farm Match which is through Haderlie Farms in Thayne.  Haderlie Farms delivers twice per week into Jackson and stops at several locations so getting your greens is easy to do.   This summer we are hoping to showcase some of our greens at the Farms Market on the Town Square in Jackson.  You will find us within the Haderlie Farms booth – however we have not received confirmation about this as of this post – more to come on this later.

Brock’s Stocks Starts Deliveries

Beginning Spring we will start making deliveries direct from our farm to Alpine, Jackson, Victor, and Swan Valley.  Each Thursday we will make a loop from Star Valley through Victor, Swan Valley, Alpine and home again.  Orders must be placed no later than each Wednesday.  Place orders by email, phone or Online.  Extra inventory will be available for those who may want to consider other micro-greens harvested or bring a friend to your pickup..

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Retailers & Restaurants Wanted

Although we are small family micro farm we are set to grow as needed.  We are able to produce micro-green year round which especially in the late Fall and Winter months is an advantage for Western Wyoming residents.  If you are the owner of a small market, a restaurant or cafe and you are interested in our products reach out to us.  As we move into the Spring months we are ramping up production and we would love to visit with you and see if we are a good fit for your business.  If you are interested please email us @ “” or call Peyton at (307)880-8728.

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