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Sassafras Flute Returns for Re-Work

This is a post for a flute I just finished re-working and sent back to a client.  It came to me as a C# and we changed it to a D @432Hz.  This is a flute I made several years ago for a client in Idaho and when it came back to me I immediately saw some things I wanted to change.  The eagle fetish now placed on the flute was one she purchase from me a year ago for another flute and she wanted to use it on this flute along with the feather fetish originally created as you can see in the photo below.  We did not put a finish on the flute originally by request nor did we this time after reshaping.

If you look closely at the original photo below you will see that this flute was a bit on the big side and with a 1″ bore a C# is really not the best key for it.  So I re-tuned it to a D @432Hz.  This flute sounds a lot better and plays really nice.  I had to make some adjustments to the eagle fetish chimney so it would not interfere with the flow of air.  The image above is the same flute after re-working it.  Much more slender, hand carved signature step in front of the windway and a much tighter mouthpiece.  I did not change anything in the length of the flute nor did I adjust the playing holes.  All tuning was done using an undercutting technique.  I only hope she is pleased with the end result.

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  1. She is very pleased, with both the sound and appearance of the end result. Now she is slathering it with the finish so she can get down to playing it without messing up the raw wood. Good to have this flute back, a gift, in a gift, in a gift. Reminds me of how much I loved playing with the multi-size, multi-color nesting barrels you had to open to find the monkey in the center of the smallest one. No matter how many times I did it, I was still fascinated when I got to the barrel with the monkey. Adventures with Tim Jennings are always full of good surprises like that!

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