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Blanks, Billets and Boards

After many months and a big move the past year to our new little ranch here in Wyoming we are bringing back Blanks, Billets and Boards to  A big part of our business in the past has been selling quality hard to find specialty lumber available in very small quantities.  Our motto here is WASTE NOT.  There are so many boards that have issue with them such as knots, checks, splits and just damaged areas.  Plus it is hard to find a place where you can purchase just one single quality board.

blanksreadytoboreSome of the best blank sets come from these very challenged boards.  We take the time to cut each board to its full potential and then cut, plane and drum sand them so others including ourselves can use them.  Some of the species we like such best are Alaskan Yellow Cedar and Port Orford Cedar which both are hard to find and expensive to obtain.  We also like to keep a smattering of odd species such as Russian Olive, China Berry, Black Locust and others.

We are adding daily new inventory as of the date of this post.  We have changed the name of our “Ready To Bore” blanks page to “Blanks, Billets & Boards” and you now can find the link to this page from several places within our menu system.  You will find pre-cut ready to bore flute blank sets, solid billets, and pre-cut and surfaces quality lumber boards.  This page should be of interest to more than just flute makers as the billets are perfect for lathe turners, and the boards are first rate lumber.  Most of our stock will be in lengths less than 60 inches in length but this is subject to change.  I hope that you will find this new inventory listing helpful in your project – whatever it may be.

For flute makers that craft their own flute blanks you will find some very nice board stock much of it in the 6 – 10 inch widths.  If you are cutting your own or wanting to cut your own flute blank stock this is a great way to go.  To be truthful when we cut a board we always seem to look at it for it flute blank potential.  Enjoy shopping.

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