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Payment Gateway Fixed

Recently we add a new shopping cart to Jackson Hole Tim and made a post about it here.  Well like with all new things we ran into glitches that to be truthful were quite frustrating.  A new cart and new problems.  But thanks to some of you we were able to figure out where the bottleneck was and I think as of today it is fixed and good to go.  You can pay with credit cards or PayPal now at check out.

Another glitch was the Shopping Cart itself.  The way it was designed is that it scrolled with you as you went down the page.  This was causing issues on some people’s PCs in that some of you could not see the final checkout button. This too has been resolved and now if you need to access your shopping cart at any time you can access it from the first two menu options, “BLOG and SHOP ALL”.  Simply mouse over them and you will see the link to the cart.  Have a blessed day!

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