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Flute Fetish/Totem Blanks are Back

For more than 10 years we have been a resource for flute builders, both weekend warrior types and professionals to boot.  For a period of time we carried and sold fetish blanks that we of the same designs I have used here in my shop for both commission flutes and flutes I choose to make on my own.  All of the fetish themes I make tend to be lean a bit towards the whimsical side of my mind.  We have sold and supplied a lot of fetish blanks that the end user completes in their own shop.  As of today we have added them back to our menu list and we have created the initial fetish blanks that you can purchase and finish yourself.

Each of these fetish blanks have been pre-cut for a specific totem theme which you will complete in your shop at home.  Images on the page show how the finished totems or fetishes should look when you are done.  Use your favorite dremel, file set, carving knives, sand paper to give life to your new fetish.  Some of these can be crafted with or without a chimney if needed.   You are the final artist so part of you will be represented in your next flute project.

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