Custom Flute Finds Home In Laramie Wyoming

We just finished a flute crafted for Leah Burgess of Riversong Leather Studio in Laramie, Wyoming.  Leah is a talented leather maker that lives and work in Wyoming.  If you are looking for custom-made leather items give a shout out to Leah and see what she can do for you.

This flute was made specifically for Leah and was crafted from Old Growth Walnut.  A wonderful flute to play.  We did some recording with it prior to delivering the flute to Leah and wow – we loved how this flute turned out.

Accented with custom hand cut Elk lace, glass crow beads and three flicker feathers that hang from the center of the flute. Finally we inlaid a gold turquoise stones in the top of the flute body and finished it off with a Teton Spike fetish. We were very pleased with the final product and we are happy to have placed it in a good home.

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