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Montana Specialty Meats Are The Bomb…

Earlier this year I wrote a post about a special treat we always stop for while traveling through Yellowstone on our way to Bozeman Montana.  During the summer this is the most direct route to Bozeman although it is not always that quickest depending on summer traffic.  Old Faithful basis is just about the halfway mark and there is so much going on there we always stop for a bit.

In most of the General Stores around there you will find specialty meats such as beef, elk and buffalo Snack Stix which are amazingly delicious.  We used to stock up on them as they have a long shelf life and we always kept some in our truck just in case.  The kids around here eat them up like candy so we sometimes end up having to hide them

The jerky is pretty darn good as well.  So this past summer we decided to start stocking them for sale on our website  Up til this Christmas we pretty much had one of each different flavor of meet but we had not really tried the Summer Sausages until now.  Wow did we ever make a mistake.

chaletsummerThis Christmas we had our annual party at the house and we since we needed to place another order we added a few of the sausages to it.  We tried the Chalet Summer Sausage which is a combination of Pork and Beef and everyone raved about it.  We also have tried the Beef Mountain and the Elk Summer.  Frankly it really does not matter which one you try they are all that good.

buffalosausageIf you are planning to have company to your home or business and you want to add something really good and different to your snack list you will want to try one or more of the Summer Sausages.  They are available from our website in 12 oz and 2 lb sizes.  One 2 pound sausage is really a lot if you cut it up in smaller bites.  Put some select cheeses alongside the sausage and watch it disappear.  I think overall the sausages were the favorite of many who attended.

I know there are many meat lovers out there and I am pretty sure if you try some of these sausages you will not only be pleased you may become hooked on them as I am.  These are all made in Belgrade Montana which is right next to Bozeman in small batches by Chalet Markets of Montana.  Give them a try…


Attention Meat Lovers…

It is funny how things happen.  Living in Jackson Hole Wyoming is truly a blessing!  To be able to enjoy the landscape of this area daily is amazing.  Some people ask me how it is we can stand living so far from civilization – as if we live in a cave or something.  But it is true that part of the appeal of this area is that it is fairly remote as compared to other places to live.  But, this remoteness can also have its hurdles such as … where is the nearest CostCo?

This post is somewhat about this very question.  We go to CostCo once a month by traveling to Bozeman Montana.  During the summer months we travel through Teton National Park and Yellowstone Park to get there rather than going over the pass through parts of Idaho.  One of the major stopping points in the park is the Old Faithfull Basin which sits right on top of the Fire Hole River.  At Old Faithful there is an amazing Visitor Center and many great new venues for food and gifts.

It is here that we have always stopped to buy one of our favorite road snacks.  Beef, Buffalo and Elk Snack Stix made in small batches by a little company located just outside of Bozeman, Montana.  For those of you that do not know, Bozeman Montana sits just outside the north entrance to Yellowstone Park in the state of Montana.  A wonderful place to visit, but that is for another post.  Located in Belgrade, Montana is a small batch maker of delicious jerkys, salamis, summer sausages and Snack Stix.  My personal favorite is the Snack Stix which are meat stix about the size of a long skinny cigar.

These Snack Stix are amazing and I promise you that you will be hard pressed to find some that at better tasting.  They come in both 6 (7.5 oz) and 12 stix (15 oz) per pack and once you open them be prepared – they will be gone in a snap.  So why am I so excited about something like this?  Well we love to support companies from this part of the country especially when their products are so good.  These snacks do not require refrigeration prior to opening and in this country having a healthy tasty snack with you in your car, backpack, camper, bike, really anywhere is really nice when your appetite starts to roar.  Available in Beef, Peppered Beef, Teriyakin Beef, Buffalo, Teriyaki Buffalo and Elk these are the bomb for this kind of favorite meat snack.

And, as if this is not enough to choose from there are their jerky packs.  Their whole-muscle jerky is made from select prime pieces of meat, sliced thin, carefully seasoned to enhance the flavor but not cover the taste of the meat, and then hickory smoked, cooked, and dried.  All of the package contain 4 ounces of meet and if left un opened they have a very long shelf life – but who leaves great tasting beef jerky just laying around un opened?  Beef Jerky lovers will need to try them all.

Available in Regular Beef, Barbecue, Peppered, Teriyaki, Buffalo and Buffalo Teriyaki there are enough options to find one that you will love. The package sizes are reasonable and not too large.  When our family buys some of these products they are usually gone within hours as everyone with hands is grabbing some to eat.  Even as I write this post we are about to travel to Old Faithful today to take some family members that have never been there.  My youngest daughter said to me when I told her we were going – “Hey dad, can we stop and get some beef stix?”  and then my wife “yes that will make your dad happy”.  So I decided it was time to write this post.

Get yourself some of these and I am sure you will be very pleased that you discovered them.  Keep them in your pantry, your car, your office, your backpack, anywhere you stash your snacks and when you are ready to open one be prepared to watch them vanish. You can now purchase these great snacks on our website at  We now take MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Discover and PayPal.  Check them out and when you are ready just click on the “Buy Now” button and you can order any of the items from our shopping cart.

We like these products so much that we are planning to carry their salami, summer sausage, elk and buffalo sausages too.  These make the perfect gift for just about anyone you know.  Millions of people travel through Yellowstone Park each summer and thousands of people discover for the first time these great meat products, but then where do you buy them after you leave?  Well, we now hope to share them with the rest of you.  And best of all… this is a product that is completely American and actually MADE IN AMERICA so support this small batch company out of the Bozeman area and get some now…